comprehensive dental care in Johns Creek and Cumming, GA

Our Johns Creek and Cumming dental offices offer many services such as cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic treatment, teeth whitening, dental implant restoration, and pediatric services.  From digital x-rays to 3-dimensional CT scans we use the best dental materials and are thorough with our diagnosis and treatment.

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Grady Dental Care is proud to provide a warm and welcoming environment for patients of all ages to receive high-quality care in a timely manner.

Young smiling woman with beautifiul teeth, having a dental inspection

Cosmetic Dentistry

From subtle changes to major oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry techniques can treat an array of dental blemishes and problems including teeth that are discolored, chipped,

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dentist showing tablet pc computer to kid patient

Family Dentistry

Family dentistry and general dentistry are often exchanged as the same term, but in reality they have very different meanings. A general dentist is one

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Dentist making professional teeth cleaning female young patient

Teeth Cleaning

Routine teeth cleaning is essential to maintain good oral hygiene because although brushing and flossing are important, it’s impossible to properly clean everything at home!

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Preparated premolar tooth and dental metal-ceramic crown.

Porcelain crowns

Compared to dental fillings which just cover a small portion of a tooth, porcelain crowns (or caps) encase the entire visible portion of a tooth.

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Close up of dentist using shade guide at woman's mouth

Dental Veneers

It’s all too common for adults to be embarrassed by their smiles. Whether because of staining, crooked or chipped teeth, or large gaps between the

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Man having teeth whitening by dental UV whitening device

Zoom Teeth Whitening

If you are a candidate and would like to explore your options with teeth whitening, Grady Dental Care offers several options. The Zoom! In-Office Whitening

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Tooth model for education in laboratory.

Root Canal Therapy

We are often asked “What exactly is a root canal?”. To best explain what the procedure is we should start by explaining the circumstances where

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Dental fissure fillings, Medically accurate 3D illustration

Dental Fillings

When treating a cavity, your dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill it with another substance, or “filling”. There are several

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Happy woman patient looking in the mirror at the teeth, sitting in the dental chair.

Teeth Extractions

A tooth extraction is a procedure to remove a tooth, either manually or surgically, and can be a necessary step in your dental treatment for a

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