Have you Considered a Dental Implant to Replace your Missing Tooth?

Dental implants were developed in the early '70s as a technique to replace a single or multiple missing teeth as an alternative to bridgework or partial dentures.  Since then, placing and restoring dental implants has nearly become a perfected science. Thousands are placed around the world every day and the procedure to do so [...]

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Want to Prevent Cavities This Year? Start Here!

Was 2016 a terrible year for your oral health? In fact, were you diagnosed with more cavities than usual?  If so, you may have been glad to learn that modern restorations allow dentists to help address most cavities quickly and with cosmetically-appealing results. That said, you likely started this new year committed to taking [...]

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Tooth-Friendly Foods for Kids

Technology and our knowledge concerning cavity prevention has never been greater, so why do children continue to develop cavities at an alarming rate?  The main reason behind this is irregular and ignored care by their parents when it comes to proper oral hygiene and diet. Kids need strong, healthy teeth to chew their food, [...]

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5 Reasons Why Cosmetic Dentistry is Beneficial

There is no doubt that people suffering from poor oral health and dental problems find reasons to avoid smiling. People whose smile is ideal, whether its natural or after completing cosmetic dentistry, don’t need a reason to laugh. We find that they cannot stop smiling and are proud to show off their pearly whites. [...]

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Safeguarding Your Child’s Smile

I wish I could tell you there was a foolproof way to protect your child from ever chipping their tooth or damaging their smile but there is no way to prevent child's play, and accidents are inevitable. Each day my three-year-old daughter is pushing limits, jumping higher, running further and faster. It is a [...]

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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

The simple thought of going to the dentist can give patients a large amount of stress and anxiety, which will often prevent them from scheduling an appointment in the first place. Without visiting your dentist on a regular basis, your teeth are at risk of developing decay that can go undetected for years leading [...]

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Seven Tips to a Healthier Smile

A beautiful, bright, white smile does wonders for first impressions, self-confidence, and creating positive perceptions of you by your colleagues. In order to attain and maintain such a smile, be sure to follow these 7 tips for keeping your teeth healthy and white as described by Dr. Sean Grady, Johns Creek, Georgia family and cosmetic [...]

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